How to Buy

Purchase Overpowered Today!

You can purchase Overpowered from Flooz.Trade using your Mobile Wallet or Metamask.
  1. Create a MetaMask or TrustWallet using either a desktop computer or an iOS/Android mobile device.
  2. You can purchase BNB directly through our swap using Debit/credit card aswell as Google or Apple pay!
  3. Access your wallet on Pancakeswap or Flooz.Trade by clicking ‘Connect to a wallet’ and selecting Overpowered by adding the Contract Address.
  4. Set slippage to 12% and swap BNB for Overpowered.

Why you should hold $OP

400,997% APY

Invest $300 into OP today and in time it will be worth as much as this (if price stays the same, which we are sure it will rise!)









The auto-staking, auto-compounding protocol is OP. All you have to do is hold!

About Overpowered

A use case with a real purpose in and outside of the blockchain

We built Overpowered with some unique features, these include but are not limited to the following.


Here at Overpowered security for investors is at the forefront to ensure each one of you within our community is protected. We have carried out extensive ways of safeguarding our community within the world of crypto. Firstly, the liquidity has been completely locked and the contract has been audited by an external party.

Locked Liquidity

The Power

Overpowered brings entirely new changes to the wildly successful Titano and Safuu protocols. OP matches and then exceeds the highest APY seen in BSC thus far, with a record-breaking 400,977% APY over one year. The Overpowered Protocol delivers automatic-staking to all holders every 15 minutes.
Our groundbreaking continual-presale-model enables our healthy liquidity ratio and our strategically applied taxes encourage holding and maintains healthy market cap growth to support the APY.
The Overpowered Ecosystem is already set for a range of innovations and benefits for the community to be released as per our bullish roadmap, including an in-house metaverse and revenue-generating utility IP

Buy & Sell Tax

Overpowered Tax is 12% for buying & 18% for selling on each transaction.
- liquidity: 4%/4%
- OP Insurance Fund: 5%/5%
- Thunderdome: 2.5%/2.5%
- Treasury: 0.5%/6.5%

The Vision

Overpowered is developing long-term revenue streams for the our token and holders. OP will introduce a suite of tools for self custody and asset management, wrapped up into even more incentives for the community to hold. This will start with a charting dApp, coinsniper and automatic new-liquidity-pair ranking.

Over the following quarters OP will release our launchpad: allowing new tokens to run private presales and connect to our investors, providing partnerships to promising new projects and gaining additional revenue to our holders for our services and liquidity provision for OP. A win-win.

Overpowered Tokenomics

Stealth Launched







Total Supply

300 K

Buy Taxes


Sell Taxes


Whitepaper BSCScan
Overpowered Roadmap

Overpowered to The Future!

Looking forward we have big plans to become a recognised player in and outside of the crypto space,
we plan on not only delivering a solid token built from the ground up but also a token where you will always feel valued as a community member and never have to worry about safety because that comes as standard here at $OP.

Overpowered History

We are a team that takes pride in returning the trust of our investors, we have added various new functions to our contract in order to future proof $OP and continue the longevity.
You will be pleased to know we now have the ability to change the rewards the token pays out to our fantastic community. Moreover, in , we have also added an amazing feature which now allows a buy back that will in return enable us to burn supply and increase the price of $OP.

Phase 1

■ Community building
■ Website & Social Media Release
■ dApp development
■ Pre-launch marketing
■ Stealth launch!

Phase 2

■ Post-launch marketing
■ Swap integrating with fiat on-ramp
■ CMC listing
■ Coingecko listing
■ Certik audit
■ Launchpad development
■ Website v2
■ dApp overhaul
■ Top tier marketing campaign

Phase 3

■ Vetting projects for launchpad
■ CEX listings
■ E-sports partnership discussions
■ Launchpad live

Phase 4

■ Stay tuned!

Overpowered Team

Experienced, Talented and Creative!

The Team here at Overpowered are a very experienced and diverse team.
By blending the expertise of our investment team, marketing team, moderators and developers, we have built an exclusive cryptocurrency for our community. Overpowered positions itself as a solid extension in the crypto space. For that reason, we care and value our community.


Team & Dedicated People


Core & Marketing Team


Combined Years of Experience


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We are happy to help. Ask all of your questions and concerns in our Telegram group.

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